Sometimes you'll want to put aside what you are working on to complete an important task. But the taskbar is such a mess!

So I created PutAside. Run the program and press Shift-ScrollLock and all open windows are hidden, you can then work on your tempory task. Cycle through the hidden windows with ScrollLock. Press Shift-ScrollLock again and all hidden windows are restored. You can exclude windows.

PutAside is a combination between alt-tab, Show Desktop, a boss-key, and virtual desktops. I've always found virtual desktops to be too complex: I can never remember what is on the other desktops. I never used bosskeys, and with show desktop/alt-tab the taskbar is so cluttered. PutAside is then a middle way to temporarily hide windows without making them inaccessible.

Discussion, Support & Feedback

Support on this program is available on the DonationCoder forums. You can also use this place to discuss new features or any issues. See PutAside Discussion Thread.


Visit the download page to get the latest version.